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While assisting family members with their medical decisions and requirements through the years, I became increasingly aware of a tremendous need in our communities:  the role of Charitable Medical Advocate.


For the past decade, I have dedicated my time and resources to aiding patients in need with their specific medical challenges through being a Charitable Medical Advocate.  I have had the great privilege of performing advocacy around the world, working with doctors and hospitals throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, and Europe, on medical treatment for Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, mental illness, brain damage/trauma, and several types of cancer.


So many patients going through the most difficult times and battles of their lives do not have access to proper guidance, resources, and information to assist with their medical decisions, including physician selections, surgical options, medication management, and even transportation.  These patients come from all walks of life with differing levels of financial security, education, and career paths.  This need does not discriminate and any one of us can find ourselves alone and in need while facing emotionally charged challenges without proper support. 


Although one might have support from their family members, it is possible that their family is not able to provide the necessary help.  Alternatively, another patient might have experienced the loss of their spouse and/or not have children to help care for them in their golden years.  That is where a Medical Advocate can step in and help with the burden of these most-difficult decisions. 


It has been a challenging road at times, and I have said more final goodbyes to patients than I ever would have liked.  I have also had tremendous successes and have worked with patients to improve their short and long-term quality of life through researching and making excellent physician and surgical choices.


From the simplest "labor of love", such as holding someone's hand or getting them a glass of water, making appointments and attending those appointments with the patient when they had no one else to turn to for support, to the seemingly impossible life-altering decisions, it has and continues to be my great honour to give to these incredible people who fight so bravely for their lives.


I am currently in the process of developing an advocacy program dedicated to helping those affected worldwide, so the types of services so desperately required are made available to a larger number of such patients in need.


Paige Brooks, Ph.D.

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